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At Robert's Fine Jewelry we have a great selection of new and exciting Engagement, Wedding rings in our store. Including Vintage looks, a great selection of many Halo designs and of course many traditional and contemporary styles. We are currently busy taking photo's and getting the designs up on-line. For your best preview, stop by and see us. We have them all on display. We have a non-commission sales staff and there is never any pressure when your in Robert's Fine Jewelry, on the Corner of  Highway 15 and Third Street across from Famous Dave's. For Now d the perfect compliment to your future wife's hand with our unique offerings.
We are a premiere full service jewelry store with over 40 years experience. We can custom anything you like in fine quality jewelry.

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Learn the 4 C's or Diamonds



Cut - Clarity - Color - Carat Weight

Cut is the most critical of all the variables that affect the value of a diamond. It is essential you know the quality of the cut when you are purchasing a diamond. When a diamond comes out of the ground in the very beginning, it's natural beauty is concealed. It's brilliance comes out when it is cut, which under ideal circumstances maximizes the optical properties within the diamond, particulary its ability to refract light and disperse color. Cut refers to the arrangement of a diamond's facets, not the shape of the diamond. An "Ideal Cut" diamond captures and releases the maximum play of light. To achieve this "Ideal Cut", the diamond cutter must adhere to a whole series of exacting tolerances....




The Roberts Difference



Robert’s Fine Jewelry’s appraisal department is recognized for its professional approach to the appraisal of fine gems and jewelry. Staffed by Certified Gemologists, and is the only Certified Gemologist Appraisers north of Minneapolis. Robert’s with the aid of their fully equipped Accredited Gem Laboratory, appraisers are able to accurately determine the value of your most precious keepsakes. Appraising is a complex procedure which must be performed by professionals who are trained in the appraisal sciences. The Certified Gemologist Appraiser has earned the highest appraisal title, awarded by the American Gem Society. All CGA’s are required to pass a hands-on appraisal test that is both written and oral. They must pass a yearly re-registration examination to maintain their titles. Complying with these rigorous standards means that a Certified Gemologist Appraiser is uniquely qualified to understand the value of your jewelry.