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Our Story

We are an independent jewelry store, we have been in business for over 30 years and a proud member of the prestigious American Gem Society, a professional trade association dedicated to the vigilant protection of the buying public through maintenance of fine business standards. Robert’s Fine Jewelry is also renowned for unique styles of quality diamonds, gold, and gemstone jewelry pieces, all at prices you can afford. Robert’s is central Minnesota’s experienced jeweler specializing in custom designs.

Robert’s fine staff of AGS titled professionals including Graduate Gemologist, Certified Gemologists, and Certified Gemologist Appraisers, which are all accredited by the American Gem Society, including our fully equipped Accredited Gem Laboratory, located right in the store. (If you are wondering what you have we always can give you that information)

We are very proud of our friendly, noncommissioned, knowledgeable staff who believe that, above all, our customers and their needs come first. Our goldsmiths have over 40 years experience in diamond setting and specialize in jewelry design and repairs.

At Robert’s you can be assured of the value and quality of your jewelry. For an example, our Diamonds that are cut to exact proportions and have the most superior polish that makes them the most brilliant diamonds in the world. We always include a full appraisal and description with any major diamond or gemstone purchased from us. Robert’s Fine Jewelry is known for there unique designs and can assure you that there are not a hundred of the same style.

We are direct diamond and gemstone buyers. This means we buy directly from the cutters and know exactly where our diamonds come from. We also eliminate the middle-man and pass that savings on to you. With our lifetime warrantee you can always be assured that we never sacrifice the quality of our products

“If you like it unique, you’ll love it at Robert’s.”

If you are interested in anything you have seen in our store or online, or have any questions, please feel free to Contact Us and we will be more than happy to get back to you.
Robert’s Fine Jewelry is located in Dan Tree Court on the corner of Highway 15 and 3rd Street in the log cabin building.

When Bob Lien got his start in the jewelry business, he found himself on the outside looking in…literally.

Bob has done it all in jewelry.  Now owner of Robert’s Fine Jewelry, he can look back on that time and smile.  He was 14 years old and doing odd jobs for a local jeweler.  One task was to clean windows and display cases.  Today, he not only owns his own store in Waite Park, but he is also one of the most respected jewelers in the state.

Bob grew up in the St. Cloud area and could have taken many different paths.  He was intrigued with math and numbers.  “I had a passion for accounting,” he said.  Instead he turned his passion for numbers into a passion of another kind as he earned high honors in school for watch making and gold-smithing in the Twin Cities.  He honed that craft while at the same time learning the jewelry business and repair techniques from the best in the industry.  In 1982, moving back to St. Cloud, Bob decided it was time to put up his own window.

“The small shop in downtown St. Cloud went well from the start,” he said.  “We were the first jewelry store in this area to sell quality jewelry by the gram weight.”  Bob remembers the lines snaking down the sidewalk from his shop to buy 18-inch gold chains for $7.

After several expansions downtown, Bob relocated his store to Crossroads Center in 1994, and then moved the store into Waite Park in 2007.  “The convenient hours and wonderful sales staff have set up apart from the competition,” he said.

Bob is a Graduate Gemologist of GIA and Robert’s is recognized as the area’s Certified Gemology Appraiser and Accredited by the American Gemological Society.  He is a past Board of Directors member of the Minnesota Jewelers Association and is a past president of the North Central American Gem Society Guild.

He prides himself for carrying the finest and most unusual styles of jewelry available and for having a reputation for excellent workmanship.  “By buying directly from the cutters and suppliers we can bring great savings to the consumer,” he said.

“The relationships we have built with our customers is overwhelming. We take pride in our passion working with people and their needs. Our customer service is impeccable.”